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Welcome from the Headteacher

Being a part of #TeamWoodhey is a special experience. You will be joining an expert team. A team of committed staff, who each excel in their roles. A team who are keen to improve and truly want the best for our students. The team you will join look out for each other, look after each other and support each other so that we can all be happy and highly successful at work.

We equip our staff with the skills, tools and support they need to be the best they can be. Teaching staff and some of our other specialist roles all receive an iPad to allow them to be responsive to the needs of our students at the touch of a finger, and for teachers, to deliver engaging, responsive and challenging lessons. We work with our Trust, the Shaw Education Trust, and their Institute of Education to support staff with National Professional Qualifications, Masters and Apprenticeships, amongst other accredited and non-accredited qualifications and courses.

We are rapidly moving forwards as a team and a school, with behaviour and attendance showing significant improvement, with attendance moving from the bottom 10% of schools nationally to the top 25% of schools nationally, and similarly, GCSE outcomes have improved exponentially, with us having posted our best ever results in 2023. All of this has been achieved in 12 months.

I fully acknowledge that I am completely bias, but this is an amazing time to join #TeamWoodhey and to contribute to our exciting journey. If you want to be a part of it, come for a brew and a look around. Get in touch!

Dean Watson




Across the Trust we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to curriculum design. We want our pupils, regardless of their starting points and barriers, to believe their curriculum is bold, exciting, purposeful, and ultimately leads to something meaningful for them.

We constantly seek to innovate and provide better opportunities to develop both knowledge and skills for life. This innovation comes in many forms, including extending school days to provide a world-class enrichment programme and additional opportunities for essential skills development; the introduction of vocational and technical pathways to develop work readiness in our pupils, supported by leading employers and universities; co-constructing curriculum across all EBacc subjects, to create world class programmes, rich in knowledge and skills; We are also driving PedTech across the sector, focusing on fully digitally enhanced curriculum and close to 1:1 device delivery.

We are currently at an exciting point in our evolution, with collaboration at the heart of our endeavour. We value the 'power of the pack' and strive as a collective, ensuring no school or colleague is left behind.

We take an evidence-informed approach to developing the quality of our teaching and learning and value a non-hierarchical, supportive approach to developing great teachers.

This approach has led to a significant reduction in workload, meaning colleagues can spend more time on curriculum delivery and fostering strong relationships with pupils.

As a people-focused trust, we consider the professional development of our staff as a fundamental responsibility. Where any schools face any barrier, it has the mutual support of the others to call upon for subject specific or general support. Our directors have a wealth of leadership experience and subject knowledge and support staff across the trust to design and the deliver the very best academic experience to our pupils.

Shaw Education Trust

We are part of Shaw Education Trust.

We are a growing multi-academy trust which places high achievement at the heart of all we do. We lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

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